5pm – Justin Cook
6pm – A Common Crown
7pm – Shattered
8pm – kill the drama
9pm – East End
10pm – ZONE 8
11pm – Homicide Black

1pm – Suffacate
2pm – Trigger Happy
3pm – OverMyDeadBody
4pm – Post Traumatik
5pm – Transcendence
6pm – Here and Now
7pm – Mojo Filter
8pm – Flashback
9pm – The Hellfire Club
10pm – SILK9
11pm – After The Fall


The Real John Lane

John “The American Hilljack” Lane, front man and lead vocals of the Hellfire Club & John Alfred Lane IV join Bill in the Episode of “Will the Real John Lane Please Stand Up… please stand up… In this episode we learn about John Lane and his doppleganger from another Earth… errr son, Johnny and their musical journey. We learn about Johnny and his band Three Vultures. Bill asks him some of his staple questions (you also get to hear Bill sing part of The Three Little Pigs). The Real John Lane talks about his favorite venues, pay to play, embarrassing stage moments, learning guitar and the drums, and shoots on the scene a bit, too.

Listen to The Hellfire Club on the Pennsylvania Rock Show

A bit of a teaser here, but their band name has so much innuendo that you may never really know where it came from. The Hellfire Club is a metal band coming out of Ohio’s Rubber City. With ties to Pennsylvania through their lead Singer John Lane, The Hellfire Club spends some time with Bill describing how they came to be. THC also tells us about their upcoming recording sessions and how they plan on allowing free downloads of all their music!  They also mention that they will have cds, t-shirts, and more at their shows. To get an idea of what that might sound like, check out some live videos of the band at

During the interview, we learn that their new bass player played some shows for Green Jelly recently.episode330

John’s Interview

Attention “The Hellfire Club Initiative” and all members of the ” Royal Order of the Hellions”. With the addition of a new bassist and a fresh start for “The Hellfire Club”. I had an opportunity to help a great guy at OCB, Brandyn Petrick with his class project and get a little exposure at the same time. Getcha Pull off this video and share it around like Herbal Therapy!